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Owners & Operations

Teaching burnt out accountants our step-by-step genius firm method so they can take complete control of their firm and experience freedom as a business owner. 
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Our Promise

RUN Your Firm

Say goodbye to working 80 hours a week during tax season & letting clients dictate how to run your business

Higher Caliber Clients

Learn how to stop taking everyone who walks in the door & how to capitalize off of your ideal client

Get Lifelong Results

This is not a 'bandaid' or a temporary solution. We teach you how to revolutionize the way you do business that lasts until you're ready to sell.

Our Mission

We're here to revolutionize the accounting industry and change the way firm owners operate so that they take control of their business & their lives.

Course & Community

For Accounting Firm Owners

Online Courses

Lifetime access to on-demand course content. Fill-in-the-blank templates, step-by-step instruction and guidance. We show you exactly what changes you need to make, why and most importantly, HOW. 

Community Of Peers

Lifetime access to an online community of peers to lean on for accountability, networking, guidance and suggestions. All peers are in the process of completing the program or have already completed the program and are an invaluable resource to learn from. 

1:1 Coaching

Meet with us periodically as you go through the course. We will help you adjust your plan and give you individual guidance, answer any questions and make certain you are successful in implementing changes.

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And learn how to love your business again


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