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Owners & Operations Podcast

A podcast for accountants by accountants on a mission to change the stigma of the accounting industry one podcast episode at a time!

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Owners & Operations is a podcast on a mission to change the stigma of the accounting industry and help accountants create a genius firm.

This podcast is for accounting, tax & bookkeeping firm owners that want to change their business model and create a genius firm and life. 

Your hosts are not your 'typical' accountants, and we do not take ourselves too seriously. 

Each episode brings you real life stories, anecdotes and tips on how you can transform your firm, and build the firm and life you have always dreamed of. We want to eliminate the traditional accounting firm model, which includes working endless hours during tax season, being at the beck and call of your clients, and not able to enjoy the firm and life you have built. As you can see, we do our best to have fun, entertain our listeners while also providing valuable tools and advice in each of our episodes. 

We are second generation accounting firm owners, and personally understand the challenges we face in the accounting industry. We have taken what we have learned, and are now passing it along to you. 

We hope you listen in and gain some value, and more importantly laugh and enjoy yourself along with us. 

Want to be a guest on the podcast?

If you or someone you know would be a great fit to be a guest on our podcast, then let's do it!! Just email [email protected] to submit your request!


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