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7 Practical Tips for Making Working From Home....Work

By Miranda Pink

1. Have a work day schedule & don’t ignore it. 

  • I can’t throw laundry in at 6:00 AM because I am working. Pretend it’s physically impossible until you clock out.  

 2. Schedule “backup” time.  

  • Recognize life will interrupt you no matter what you do (Cat starts meowing when you’re recording a Loom video, your kid wants to show you a toy he’s shown you a million times before…).  
  • Always have “backup” time set in your mind to make phone calls & avoid getting unnecessarily frustrated. 

 3. Use Teams & Outlook apps during the work week to stay in-the-loop. 

  • You won’t waste time when you clock in “catching up” or feeling lost. 
  • Turn off notifications when the week is over! 

 4. Have a designated place for an office. 

  • I gate myself in & the kids/husband out. 
  • Have physical office...
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