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My Top Tips For Hiring & Training Remote Team Members

By Amber Salgado

Today on the podcast we discuss the ups and downs of being a completely remote firm. One of the biggest struggles any 100% remote business has is hiring and training employees and maintaining that team-like atmosphere and company culture.

As the Director of Operations for Stratlign, I have put in a TON of time figuring out some best practices for remote employees, so read on for all my tips and tricks...


  • Make sure you ask questions about remote work experience
    • Do they have any remote experience?
    • What struggles did they find with working remote and how did they overcome them?
    • What is their set up like at home – do they have a dedicated workspace free of distractions?
    • How did they make sure they formed a connection with their teammates?
  • Be sure to talk about how you connect your staff in a remote environment and let it not effect your company culture, etc.
  • Go over remote working policies so they know exactly what is expected of them.
    • Workspace...
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